Circle King

X1-X5 March 1951- July 15, 1952

Photo of the original Circle King
Original Circle King X1

Rudi Aron’s first successful stunt ship was a Veco Warrior, but his success in the event began when he completed the first two Circle King designs: the X1 and X2 in March of 1951. These two ships were small, high aspect ratio flapless designs powered by the brutish Madewell 49. By all accounts these airplanes were less than ideal (which I can now confirm with my recently constructed reproductions), but they were the springboard for the later evolutions that incorporated lower aspect ratio wings and flaps.

Photo of Circle King Reproduction
X2 Reproduction
Photo of Staggerwing Beech
Staggerwing Beechcraft

This one and a half year period was probably his most prolific, producing five Circle Kings, a Staggerwing Beechcraft scale entry, a small McCoy .09 powered stunter and my first airplane. The Circle Kings propelled him to the Expert class in the highly competitive Western Associated Modelers (WAM) environment.