Cloud Burst

X6, X6A, X6B, X6C March 1953- February 29, 1956

Photo Cloud Burst

While the Circle King era kept my father in the workshop, the Cloudburst era kept him on the podium. From May 10, 1953 to October 10 1954, Rudi and the Cloudbursts accumulated 6 first place, 9 second place and 6 third place trophies. It should be noted that in those days the bi-weekly contests were all the size of our current NATS. He was competing against dozens of flyers in his class at every contest. He was the AB Stunt Champion in 1953 (17 points) and was second only to John Lenderman in overall points (28 points). His buddy, Scotty Perrings, also flying the Cloudburst design, was fourth overall with 23 points. In fact, The Eagles of San Francisco, which was comprised only of Rudi, Scotty and me, accumulated the second most expert points in all WAM events that year. 1958 was even better with Rudi accumulating 36 points (2nd to Ralph Yount).