Control Line Precision Aerobatics
or Stunt

Photo of boogaloo in flight
Boogaloo in flight

This is a competition event within the model aviation community that was born in the 1940's and is still going strong today. Unlike radio control models (or RC), our aircraft are connected to the pilot via steel cables of approximately 60-70 feet in length that provide us a feel of the airplane not experienced by the RC pilot. These aircraft are powered by small internal combustion engines or the new breed of electric powerplants.

Photo of Paul Ferrell and Brett Buck, Senior and Open Champs
Paul Ferrell and Brett Buck,
2006 Senior and Open Champions.

In competition we perform a prescribed schedule of aerobatic maneuvers that are judged on the precision of shape and placement in the hemisphere within which we fly. We typically build and sometimes design our own models. Our event is known for its strong aesthetic component, producing some of the most elegant examples of model aircraft.

Although Radio Control is clearly today's medium of choice , the CLPA event is still one of the best attended overall at the annual national competition sponsored by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, as well as international events throughout the world.